Sailing in Turkey

Turkey is a land of history, culture and mythology and an amazing meeting point of east and west.  The Turkish landscape is often described as a "symphony of sounds, smells and people in the most unlikely combinations".  Sail in Turkey and explore the many islands, secluded coves and hidden ancient ruins of the Turkish Mediterranean.



Mediterranean region takes its name from the Mediterranean Sea, and occupies 15% of the total area of Turkey with its 120.000 square kilometers of land. West and Mid-Taurus mountains run parallel to the coast line. 


North Aegean

In antiquity, Turkey’s North Aegean was known as Aeolia, and provided the setting for the Trojan war. Civilization first bloomed here under the Phrygians, who arrived in Anatolia during the thirteenth century BC. Later, Greek colonists established coastal settlements, leaving the region rich in Classical and Hellenistic remains. 


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