Bavaria 46 CR

BAVARIA is synonymous with building sailing yachts and motor boats with our head, our hands and a whole lot of heart. A BAVARIA boat combines boat building tradition, German engineering and the ability to manufacture yachts precisely to the millimetre through modern industrial production facilities. From bow to stern, every BAVARIA is a perfect combination of the highest quality, the best materials and the most innovative state-of-the-art fittings and equipment available for yachts today. Your BAVARIA is a yacht that has been created to maximise your enjoyment on the water, creating memories for you, your family and friends, to last a lifetime.


Althought innovation and creativity are now key words in corporate strategy, they were absent from business vocabulary when Benjamin Bénéteau was fitting his first trawlers with engines. Yet, without expressing it, he innovated in his own way. He did not invent the engine, boat or fishing, but he created new uses that would lead to new ways of fishing. It is this distinctive trait that has characterized Beneteau's own brand of innovation for over 130 years: a mindset that filters through every part of the company and that involves constantly searching for new solutions to barely emerging requirements, becoming apparent in the short or the long term. Architecture, design, technology, processes, production, materials, marketing, services, and finances: not a single area has escaped this sixth sense


As pioneers in global series boat production, we at Dehler have spent more than 50 years working towards a result that makes both our customers and our employees proud. Our passion for the construction of perfect yachts is based on clear values. Our yachts are the embodiment of these values and therefore reflect our enthusiasm for the art of boat construction. Delve into the world of Dehler.


For many years now, we at Hanse have been setting trends towards simplifying sailing and making it faster. Traditionally, our name stands for innovative design and we have continuously developed our cruising sail boats.

Impression by Elan

Impression Yachts have designed a full range of new Deck Saloon yachts to satisfy the demanding needs of modern yachtsmen. These stunning yachts have been designed with every cruising comfort in mind. The on-deck systems allow for easy sailing especially for “short-handed” cruising whilst giving the space and comfort that you might only expect from a much larger yacht both above and below decks. Welcome to the world of Impression Yachts, what’s your Impression?


The Jeanneau experience is unique. Their mission: to allow everyone to discover the pleasures of the sea, and to experience in complete serenity those singular moments spent on the water. No other builder can offer the same level of cutting-edge design, superior finish, performance and customer satisfaction - all in a competitively priced package.


Passion and devotion for building performance cruiser yacht that would match racing performance of the best racers on the market, as well as provide comfortable cruising abilities was a goal back in 2002., when all started. We find a winning formula, a perfect combination of performance, comfort and safety, crucial for relaxed and joyful living on board.

Croatian shipbuilding tradition that goes back to Ancient time when Salona (Solin) had been the coastal stronghold and the port of the Illyrian Delmats, enables Salona Yachts to achieve know-how in design, project management and skilled labour force. Therefore, technological level of boat building in Salona yard is a logical consequence.