Sailing in Italy

In Italy you are never more than 1 hour away by car from the coast. Italy is a great sailing destination because of its diverse coastline - from rocky cliffs in the north to low-lying beaches in the south. Here you can enjoy art, food, wine, Mediterranean islands and ancient ruins, picture-postcard Tuscan countrysides and gondolas on Venice's canals.


The Tuscan Islands & Argentario

The Tuscan Islands are probably the most appealing and it is probably one of the most popular areas for yacht charter. It has something for everyone. The islands of Capraia, Elba, Giglio and Giannutri are all accessible to yachts and provide a number of attractive harbours and plenty of anchorages.



The mild climate, the beauty of the coasts, the richness of its art and history, and the love for food make Campania the fascinating territory that it is. The journey begins with the sea,with its intense colors, its coasts that are crawling with bays, coves and rock faces. 



One of the pearls of Southern Italy which can be discovered, understood and experienced through itineraries dedicated to areas of interest ranging from nature to history and traditions. Fascination for this region grows with treasured archaeological sites that tell the story of the ancient origins of Trinacria.

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