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Istria is the largest peninsula in Croatia, and life along its coast has always been connected to the sea. Explore the whole peninsula of Istria and get to know new places, historical towns and charming little islands. In the distance and up a hill the town of Labin is located. It is a small town that has been enclosed in walls for centuries. Rabac is located at the foot of Labin, along one of the most beautiful beaches in Istria. Point Kamenjak is located at the southernmost part of Istria and a beautiful, historic town of Pula is to the West of it, one of the biggest towns in Istria, as well. This town is adorned with an antique arena, 6th in length in the world. A magnificent harmony of flora and fauna stretches along the South-western coast– the islands of Brijuni, the beauty of which will leave you breathless. Rovinj is known as the most photogenic little town of the Mediterranean. Its narrow medieval alleys and the warm Mediterranean atmosphere make this little town so charming.




is a town of culture, tourism, sports and entertainment. It transformed from a small seaside town into an attractive tourist destination. Its attractive position offers you a visit to other tourist destinations and it will enrich everyone’s vacation. Read more...



is a town of romance and art. It is known as a town with mild climate and long tradition. Its surroundings offer countless possibilities for recreation and an active vacation. The old part of the town is located on an elevated part of the peninsula, surrounded by Venetian houses and paved alleys. Read more...



is a town of rich history and cultural monuments. It was built at the end of a beautiful bay and seven hills. Well-indented coast, crystal-clear sea and beautiful beaches are one of many reasons why tourists always come back to this historic town. Read more...



is both a town and a port in Istria, with the reputation of the Istrian sports centre because it has been the host of the ATP tournament for years now. In the past it was the summer residence of the Romans, which is evident in many Venetian houses in the old part of the town. Umag is a favorite holiday destination with remarkable outing possibilities. Read more...

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