Azure Ventures
charter agency

Azure Ventures Plc., was established by four Hungarian businessman. After many years of sailing 4-5 weeks each year, they decided to enter to the sailing market with their own company. Following many months of preparation, gathering experience, building business relations with market players and developing an effective strategy, their company started to operate as a charter agency in October 2015. During the first months of studying the market, The owners received impulses from clients, who were interested in investing in boats, and he established a new company in Croatia, named Azure Ventures d.o.o.

Azure Ventures d.o.o.’s main activity is yacht management. Its own fleet consists of Hanse 445, Hanse 455 and Hanse 505 sailing yachts.

Primary market: upper mid-range sailing charter with well equipped young boats operated by selected charter companies. The choice of building the fleet with Hanse boats was driven by the fact that German, Austrian and Scandinavian guests mean the most effective demand on the market and they prefer German brands, namely Bavaria and Hanse.


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  • Tel. +36 70 415 2093
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  • info@azureyacht.com
  • Azure Ventures Plc.
  • 58 Berky Lili Street.
  • 1171 Budapest
  • Hungary